We are a full-service HR company

We are a full-service HR company

We are advisers to companies owners/managers, developing a long-term HR strategy, helping to decompose it into step-by-step tactics and create individual metrics for each business.

HR.consulting company operates in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and European countries.

We'll find people, we'll train them and we'll build a whole system for your company!

The main advantage in any competition is the team

No matter how good your business strategy is, if there is no one to implement it, the result will be close to zero. One of the main signs that something is wrong with the team is if the owner/manager has to constantly dive into operational issues. And there is not enough time to solve strategic problems. But you don't have to worry.

Yes, the issue with people is one of the most difficult challenge, but WE CAN SOLVE it!





In order to understand what is wrong in the company, we conduct an audit of HR and business processes. The result will not only be a clear report on the current state of the team (compliance of competencies of employees to taken positions, the need for training and education, the causes of low efficiency and attrition of employees), but also the development strategy, written for 1 year with a breakdown of the tactical steps. Proper implementation of HR processes can improve the efficiency of the company without loss in quality and unnecessary burden on staff.

If your company:

  • Has a high attrition rate;
  • Your executives are drowning in daily routine operations;
  • Has constant conflicts and slow resolution of complex issues;
  • Is forming  HR brand;
  • Scaling up the business.

HR and business processes audit will help solve these and other issues!

We specialize in the development and adaptation of the most effective tools for working with personnel. It is important not only to develop a tool, but also to make it work. We will help to implement changes as softly and effectively as possible.

  • We develop the HR-processes management strategy on the basis of goals and tasks, your company wants to achieve. HR strategy is a logical continuation of the business strategy
  • We are developing a clear and workable compensation and wage model
  • We are developing a system of (KPI’s) key performance indicators for individuals and teams
  • We are forming a system of knowledge base transfer within the company (university of trainers)

Our main task when working with you - to develop a competent system of tangible and intangible motivations and build a system of positions and salaries for them.

How can we help you?

  • Conducting a labor market analysis 
  • We develop a clear and workable model of compensation and remuneration
  • We develop a system of individual and team key performance indicators
  • Developing intangible motivation programs

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50+ happy customers with an effective team

We always bring valuable results to any of our projects

We are not only developing a strategy, but we also teach you how to implement it

We adapt the tools specifically for you

We employ experienced consultants, each of whom specializes in his or her area of expertise

Management HR consulting

Dalida Ryzhova


Professional experience (19 years in HR)
adidas CIS
Philip Morris Kazakhstan
Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.

Moscow International High School of Business MIRBIS (MBA)
University of International Business UIB (MBA)
Almaty University of Energy and Communication

 ✔️Audit of HR and business processes, strategy building, change management (Spark Logistics, Open Systems Development, INSURER.KZ, Alpina Agro, NickOl, FedEx/EMEX, etc.)
✔️Management quality improvement:
Corporate Trainings.
Group dynamic coaching
Mentoring system for executives
✔️Design of C&B (compensation and benefits) systems:
Grading, salary grids, bonus schemes, policies, procedures, material/intangible motivation
✔️Design and implementation of KPIs
✔️Audit of the commercial unit, sales department

Zhanbota Zhusupova


Professional experience (12 years in HR)
HR consulting
Ambition IBQ.

✔️Audit of HR and business processes (Open Systems Development, NickOl, EMEX/FedEx, Insurer.kz (Freedom Finance partner)

✔️Personnel assessment (KATKO, KPO, Efes Kazakhstan, Buzachi operating ltd)

✔️Training courses

✔️Development of C&B (compensation and benefits) systems: Grading, salary grids, bonus schemes, policies, procedures, material/intangible motivation

✔️Design and implementation of KPIs

✔️Development of a competency models

✔️Certified assessor
✔️Certified specialist in SHL, Talent Q, Belbin, MBTI methodologies

Artem Ryzhov


Professional experience (Sales and Business development - 21 years)
MONT Group of Companies
Snom Technology

✔️Audit of organizational and business processes, building and supporting development strategies, introducing companies to new markets, independent advisor to the company manager

✔️ Improvement of management quality: Management development and effectiveness, mentoring system

✔️Company performance systems development: Optimizing companies' organizational structure, KPIs, bonus schemes, sales department efficiency, mentoring for executives and first responders

✔️Audit of commercial department, sales department


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